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2nd Excel download for your Sales Predicting

As Tried Below Pricing  

The Absolute Percent (AB$%®) brings a Patent's harmony of Share Value per $1000  & Quantities Owned to Portfolio Management for the 1st time 

Most daily trading declines CAN BE IGNORED

But 1st... Quarterly Net Sales for Dow & All Corporations are  Predictable as Patented is a more important accomplishment  for a Certified Financial Statement & or any business (chart 3)

   The Absolute Percent was born 7/4/2011 & Registered as a Trademark  12/23/2014 (AB$%). The whole of the DJIA should not be used for investment purposes. The QUANTITY  of each share & their own Absolute Percent is the criteria for short & long term investing. Presently the daily Dow is never harmonized by price making its collection of single shares meaningless as a WHOLE for Investment purposes without individual quantity distinction. Such distinction is from patent design.     

   Realistically the AB$%® is a measuring device for Equities as a stock first, & then  for a collection of quantities as in a Fund and/or Portfolio. For a public stock as Patented it is the cash profit or OiBiTDA. Better known as Operating Earnings plus Taxes, Interes & Amortization + Depreciation. Yahoo has made it easy as applicable to common shares before cash flow depreciation. Resulting in me merely adding EPS $$$, Taxes $$ & Depreciation $$ for its ROI per share price as Patented in the last chart below.

     As also Patented for Funds & Portfolios is  the latest trading value per share & the avarage plus OiBiTDA $$ for any  quantity of 30 holdings. The First Chart  ranks single shares by its AB$%. 

    Per the download are several Fund accumulations & their results. Any one of each for you to insert your own Dow Holdings & get the respective AB$% result.

             Per the back cover of my book 2003 

If Martin D'Amico can predict Performance Cash Weekly why not abandon monthly closings? Especially when he can rescue the accounting profession from the derogatory remarks made by Fortune April 16, 2001.  "accounting gives rotten information about the value  & performance of modern, knowledge-intensive companies."


The Profession ties to tradition with provencial reporting concepts & mechanics have caused software houses to usurp the power of business numbers from Accountants.


      Chart Updated Once a week (Friday Morning)

Chart 1

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   Introducing Beyond Conception & Certifying a Financial Statement in Patented Grid Format for any Buiness in the World. The prelude to the AB$% is Technology B & its Probability Quotient that can be used World Wide. Where-by totals fulfill the role of Quarterly Operations for every Facility for a Public Company as well.   


   The Probability Quotient are the actual Operating Results for a complete 13 weeks of a quarter whether for a calendar year or otherwise. Paid Hours, the numerator are those actually paid when Bx #3 is used by  Trade Value. Benchmark #3 OiBiTDA dollars the denominator & Column D is exactly related to the Absolute Percent & its Percent for the Trade Value of a Stock and/or the Cash Profit of a facility.


   Net Sales via Benchmark #1 as Patented by   its efficiency + or minus 100% will become the Driving Force to Stock Equity Value week to week even when adjusted in week # 13 to agree with a Consolidated Financial Statement for the  quarter versus the prior quarter. (chart 2)


This means that Management & Shareholders will know Quarterly Net Sales versus the Prior Quarter at ALL times at Quarter's End)  

    Column B

Net Sales dollars the denominator are the Actual for the prior quarter that should correspond with the those Paid Hours for the quarter. If an Accounting Statement is generated quarterly the sales dollars should agree exactly with the total amount. As results are accumulated for a current Quarter in each of 13 sale cells they will be replacing the old with the new until the totals are adjusted in week 13 to agree with the new Accounting Statement for the Current Quarter.

The Net Sales Sequence of Dollars

Last Quarter to the Prediction to Quarter to Date 

to Actual per an Operating Statement 


 The DIA ETF Trading Dollars in chart 2 below 

Chart 2

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Predicting Sales Quarterly

try it below


Chart 3

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Chart 4

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as tried


Chart 5

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Chart 6

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The World Wide Grid in any Currency as Franchised to CPA Firms 


Chart 7

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   The  First  Reconciliation DJIA to All Its Outstanding Shares (see file download)

Managing the DIA ETF  a self fulfilling prophecy for unlimited growth from the most recent changes to the closing trading value of 30 Corporations on the New York Stock Exchange each day. When the ever changing 30 daily MIX of trading values up or down of EACH equates to a decline to the WHOLE. in TOTAL of all 30 times the same quantity of each from the previous day the of EQUAL UNIT/SHARES IN BILLIONS will be DECLINED. When such a decline to the WHOLE occurs the NEW Unit/Shares closing prices of that day subsequently takes on the COST for each for the days that follow for each Corporation. (ETC.ETC.) 

  In accounting for UNIT/SHARES I hit the jackpot & found management's exact calculation $ false  fixing of  mix for each stock.

More important the SEC & management  must come to terms with cloud assets in trillion $20 vs. All Outstanding Shares at $7 trillion. 


Chart 8

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The Saving Grace

a Lottery to care for Victims of National Disasters 

My Plan is to get a Lottery going with a format of the grid for the SEC as a means to start paying down the National Debt. 

My Lottery Prediction for the DJIA is substantiated by a Daily Recap and Earned verses Paid Hours in the Universal Grid of the Patent. “The DJIA Index is nothing more than recording Stock Prices for 30 very actively traded Corporations at the end of a Trading Day on the NYSE. The 30 Corporations have been chosen for their successful operating growth of the past being expected in the future while up and down variations to their stock prices have nothing to do with the Index a whole.” As demonstrated with charts 1 & 2 (attached) at a new web address www.killingthe  

 The lottery will be to Predict the Exact DJIA Index Gross Amount before dividing by 100 that produces the Price per Share during a 13-day trading cycle that is currently averaging about $125.00 for each & $3800 in total. The individual changes in the closing price each day among the 30 have nothing to do with each other with most changing up or down each day. 


 The Actual Lottery Prediction detail of the DJIA Index is via an Excel Worksheet that will generate Cash Income from participants during each 13-day cycle as Grid Patented for the benefit of its contestants to make an educated guess: Tuesday through Friday (13 cell days later).  For ANY PREDICTION during each cycle a contestant only needs to donate $10 per Prediction to the Weather-Related Charity. Participants can enter as many $10 PREDICTIONS ($70 gets 7) as desired any day during each cycle. The SOONER   any Prediction wins each cycle’s Lottery in each 13 DAY cycle the more such winners will win as a percent of the whole reward amount donated each day. All prediction donations for the year will be a tax deductible to Weather-Related Charity. 


  Predicting a Flerting with a DJIA Low 

Chart 9

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Stock Declines Increase Absolute Percents  Below 

Chart 10

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