RATiO a new Statistic confirms the ROI% of both a Stock & Portfolio

Charts 5,6,7, As Patened for Stocks & Portfolios

MY website client who created the 1st Portfolio 10 years ago has taken two ROI's arithmetic into a the dual role that adds to 100% at all times. He is passing such arithmetic on to the Republican Party along with his RATIO creation of a new EPS statistic."

 On Wednesday, June 5th AND NOW a Trump Election Special IS HEREBY announced donating one or more Corporate RATiO fee Portfolio for $19.99 in each state. Starting on Sept. 4 or June5  until the day after election day for the Republican Party. Hoping that FOX News & Varney will publicize the 40% to 50% ROI Ratio Format. The updating of 10 trade values & GOOG AAPl ROI's will be available at least once a week.

The    is to be traded into or purchased with the respective ROI. After which anytime  can be traded out of with  the respective cash out.  




The LORD led me by trale & error. The Catholic Church blessed the arithmetic of the new statistic. RATiO


The 10 Stock prices of Seeing can maintain its ROI in the 40% to 50% range in chart form by any Investor ...Your bi-monthly fee is on the honor system...


Yes Conservatives,,, A New Statistic for EPS of Stocks & Close Ended Portfolios & Effectively a Source for intentionally GROWING VALUE OF A PORTFOLIO.


It is Christmas day 2023. I received my gift when I checked a dictionary looking for the definition of RATiO. I saw no relation to the stock market or ROI. I was seeking such by a Patent examiner’s approval of an ROI 10 Years ago. He further commented when he blessed ROI for an entire Portfolio and regardless of the number of stocks. "RATiO" per dictionary read without any reference to stocks. I began using EPS ROI "confirmation" of stocks & portfolios through out this web address.


INTERNATIONAL TRADEMARK RATiO a decimal statistic equivalent of 1,000 for a stock and a fixed ended portfolio that tells which of either or both is greater than another stock or the same quantity of a fixed (same quantity at all times) ended portfolio.


.324 32.4% As patented for the respective ROI of a stock or portfolio


This website & its download is the backbone of new technology. The files are ready & able to introduce you to portfolio technology & unbelievable ROI.i Where-by two Corporations (GOOG & AAPL) share their hundred $$$ amounts of profit value to 8 lesser priced stocks. After which 2 portfolios are combined with a single ROI in the 40% range. As proven equally by my newly created statistic RATiO that confirms ROI's of both stocks and portfolios.


Those are the tools of prices per 1000 & $1000 per Patent. While the stock market is per share that allows no worthy comparisons.


In the 1st download you set any one of blank Excel Portfolios in motion with your own GOOG & APPL Quanities of dollars in a Portfolio. You are then with-in their profit of trading dollars for your trade IN's of low price stocks.

 There is open inventation to Bing, Yahoo, SEC, TD Americatrade, NY Stock Exchange & 

I have created a NEW STATISTIC for the Stock Market as charted by # 5, 6 & 7 of  "RATiOPER1000.COM 


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