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2nd Dry Run for DJIA Lottery Pick Winners 

after 1378 Point 2 day drop 

Ready for Prime Time 


Chart 2 Why Worry Little Effect on the Whole

While Absorbed by the Absolute Percent where the Average of the 30 from the last Predict Cycle less than 1%


You can predict as often & as late in each 13 day prediction cycle as you wish for $10 at a time. All $10 amounts will go into a National Chartiy for documented expenses incurred from  uncontrollable weather events such as Hurricance Florence.

   All Confirmed by the AB$% Ranking that generates the Rate of Trade Variance  for each of 30 per the Last Chart at ZERO

The chart below is the First that ranks the 30 Dow Corporations and their ability to generate Cash Profit each Quarter. Better known accounting wise as OiBiTDA, Operating Income Before Interest Tax Depreciation & Amortization.  


   The higher the Absolute Percent (AB$%) the Better the Corporation  and its 3 immediate variable drivers, Trade Value per Share, Benchmark #3 & Cash Profit ROI as Patented twice. 


   The Principal & less obvious Driver is the Patent's Trademark (AB$%) a Percent that reflects the number of shares per $1000 Invested (column E) .


   Column A on the extreme left list the 5 best Corporate Stock Ownerships at producing Cash Profit as a Percent of Sales for the most recent Quarter.  Apple was added as seemingly a Stock that should be owned at all times.


   The AB$% calculation & its Ranking result with its Bx #3 variable as Patented only changes Quarterly as a Corporation but within a Fund or Portfolio the mix of the 30 trade prices changes daily as also subect  to quantities owned that re-calulates until each NYSE closing.


   The black  & white column on the right notes the Corpotations as indirectly owned in a Fund known as DIA an ETF I like to file refer to as an alias. The white on black cells are those marked for 50% and the  10 highest percent of the ETF. All 30 DIA Cap Values accumulate to $22 trillion on a cloud when multiplied by an equal number of billion shares for each. Meanwhile the Cap Values as multiplied by the Outstanding Shares of Each equal $7 trillion prox.  


   Also please notice that black & white Companies comprise the back half of shares per $1000 in column E versus the yellow among the top half.


Why think about Investing in the DJIA as a Whole.  Have some fun & see if you can Predict the Exact Amount with a charitable tax deduction   


   Leaving the Lottery aside for a minute. Why when more dollars are turned over daily in the financial market place than elsewhere there is no reterence to units ? 


   Super markets are required to unitize "sales" for selling price comparison to other products. House sales & apartment rental rates always have rates per square feet data available. Cars sales do have look wise appeal but miles per gallon is a sometime concern. 


   Before the Absolute Percent (AB$%) in 2011 Units were never part of shares per $1000 invested. Within my embodiment of the DJIA  & since such  has become the principal driver of two Patents, Stock Price, Benchmark #3 (OiBiTDA $$$ per Hour)  &  Bx #3 ROI (OiBiTDA $$$/Trading Value in a Stock or a Basket of Stocks).


    Shares per $1000 has become the most revealing  & important component of Investing. Chart 1 makes a final calculation to validate the Ranking Order by taking AB$% at 100% & dividing by the actual AB$% that puts the result in low to top rank in the next to last column. 


  The chart below is that of the Universal Grid as Patented with Technology B & its Probability Quoient that can be used for any Buisiness World Wide where-by totals that fullfill the role of Quarterly Operations for every Facility for a Public Company.  


   It is also recording the 1st Lottery Results from the Media as documented by the Management of DIA  an ETF for the DJIA Index each morning Tuesday thru Friday as actually itemized for the Stock Price of each Corpoation that may or many not have been traded. Here-in 26,307 as that for this Dry Run of  Each future 13 Day Trading Cycle. 


   Its use here-in in the chart above is tracking each cycle for all contestants to have the same data for their prediction when ever they want to make an educated  PREDICTION any time during each 13 day cycle.


   Once again chart is recording management's version of the the DIA ETF Fund the morning after the prior day's close as it does Monday, Tuesday Wednesday & Thursday that includes billion of units in the 3rd column with the the new trading value per share in column 4. Per Management the price of is for the same amount of unit/shares for each corporation at the clsoing price on the NYSE. The  value of the Index is always  with-in penny's of  the prior day's hyped  amount as divided by 100. In many cases many investors may not be aware that such a Fund exists.


   Please notice column 1 of the chart. The totals for each of 13 Grid Cells as Patented respresnts weekly Sales Dollars for 13 weeks of  a Calendar Business Quarter. But I will get to that later.


  For the Lottery Contest the TOTAL ($29 trillion plus column 1 as Totaled) is for 110,267 billion shares trading at $265.36 per share  duting the Grid Period with the winning amount per the Lottery was at $274.47as closed  in Cell 13 times 100 or  $26,447 as a Prediction as Proven by being 200 points better than the start of the cycle 26,307  for  13 Trading Days. (or 200/26307  & .8%.)


   The 13th week Price per Share Prediction  as set up for donators to a charity is the actual of that closing date as compared to each subsequent Trading Day thereafter. A contestent  contributor can make a $10 donation at any time & as often as desired up to 12 noon of Final Friday to make sure the entry is recorded.


Making sure you understand all the recorded data   Unit/Share counts for the cloud are the same for each stock. Meaning that the Index does not capture the daily quantity ups & downs in any way producing a penny variance versus the previous day's closing on the NYSE.


    Periodcially after closings of the previous Monday Tuesday Wednesday & Thursday closings when that penny variances of all 30 stocks are beyond the whole change to the Index management will the same sizable unit reduction to each Stock Price. At that time the cost of Investing in the whole of each Corporation all have the same re-Investing Date.


   Because DIA Management does not render a calculation on Saturday mornng for Friday's closing price. The closing Price of the NYSE  at 4PM of that 13th day & date in the cycle is the PREDICTION WINNER FOR ALL PAYOUTS.  


Getting back to the Lottery major exchanges can start just before the closing bell among $20 trillion in trading value determining who the cycle winner are is a matter of divine intervention. 

The chart below proves the methodology in the  same Grid Format as to How Random the Overall Prediction of the Lottery is by the Ranking Order Calculation of the Absolute Percent at 100% for each as in chart one above in the last column. 




Please Realize as an Investor One Need Not Invest DAILY to follow a Dow 30 thru minor changes UP or Down 







The DJIA over a 2 day span went down 1,378 Points 26,431 bottom chart  to 25,053 5.2% top chart 


     At the top of the chart VZ for the same time frame only went down (.3%) to $53.33 while its Cash Profit ROI of the Corporation went to 19.9% from 18.2% & its AB$%® Transparency Ranking Rose to 53.6%.   


In the middle of the chart AAPL for the same time frame only went down (.5%) to $214.45 while its Cash Profit ROI of the Corporation went to 6.5% from 6.1% & its AB$%® Transparency Ranking Rose to 10.2%.  


      At the end of the chart WMT for the same time frame only went down (.6%) to $93.92 while its Cash Profit ROI of the Corporation went to 8.5% from 8.2% & its lowest AB$%® Transparency Ranking did rise slightly to .5%.