RATiO a new Statistic confirms MASSIVE ROI% from a Close Ended Portfolio of 10 Stocks.


Produces ROI X SPLIT RATE with a NEW ROI

CHART 3 is for the ROI Available after the Split 

MY ROYALITY $3,000 X SPLIT RATE....Thank You 

Per Chart 1 there are 8 Closed Ended Portfolios of 10 Stocks each with ROI's from 35% to 45%. ALL for you to produce one  ACTUAL TO GROW  WITHIN  

It IS also the answer to A VERY SICK Economy 

ALL is Patented for Portfolios & ROI as created 10 years ago.  

       THE LORD led me by trail & error. My St Johns U degree blessed the arithmetic of the new statistic. With  RATiO seemingly a gift of the recent Christmas. 

             Chart 1 is my Fee Structure via bi-monthly, on the honor system...It is a visual for all the individual Porfolios that produce the 1st EXCEL download. I like to refer to the production as a manufacturing process. with the key to the ROI Process.

   Within the  download, there two stock line items for GOOG & AAPL.Place the actual  of the two that you own from your own collection.   

   You have taken the first step of the ROI Process.  The two amounts per GOOG & AAPL owned are cash eguavalent if sold by you. Their profit, sales $$$ less cost of a share times their quantity of each  is spread over 8 much lower trade value of the other 8 stocks at 100% of the price per share. That is my arithmetic trial & error for that ROI. At the same time GOOG & AAPL have their own ROI for their share quanti ties. Thus two Portfolios that are excess $$$  for 8 lower priced quantities. 

 That stage is also from your personal collection by those shares. The combination of the two ROI's alwasy add to 100% for prove of the overall ROI.  


        The first FILE EXCEL DOWNLOAD CONTAINS eight Porfolios. the Number 7 Portfolio & chart 9 with 600 shares in is entirely has a 45.2% ROI. If I had the Capital WITHOUT living in a Assistant Living  Facility this write up would be much easier & me much richer.   

         After you download Excel file 1 (updated every Saturday) you place the GOOG & APPL stock owned shares in the closest amount of the first 6 Portfolios.

          Next you pick 8 of your lowest shares owned.  Place those  amounts  in the eight cells. You are now in businees if you have already saved the file in your computer.   

    If your Portfolio ROI %  is not in the 30% to 48% range you have some trading to do FOR STOCKS as contained  in my Portfolio (chart 9)  as owned.  

          P.S. MY Patent has nothing to do with RATiO. Ten years ago I created Portfolios with ROI & EPS,  Bx#4 per 1000.In addition chart #9 & Portfolio 7 has the exact same RATi0 as my TD Ameritrade account .425 for 60 Shares.


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