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   I have given you Fox Business the means to measure daily DJIA Changes for comparison to all others--the Absolute Percent (AB$%®).  FOX Publications have no means for Wekipedia or otherwise. 

Chart 10 Shares per $1000 tells All 

As a supermarket how many for a dollar   

   The Absolute Pecent was born 7/4/2011 & Registered as a Trademark  12/23/2014 (AB$%). It is a % for any currency & a change indicator for a STOCK as well as a Fund  by its closing price each day & its average trading value as a FUND.   For a stock the AB$% has 4  variables, Price, Benchmark #3, ROI, & Shares  per $1000 Invested. Corporate Bx #3 only change Quarterly while AB$% does with each penny of Trade Value. ROI is inverted as done for bond interest. When owned in a Fund or Portfolio the quantity takes on a 5th variable for Funds. This is a 1st for management & investing. Further explaining is best by (Chart 1) 30 Dows in a Fund with a ranking from high to low as to the AB$% & a separate listing of Funds themselves with their Ranked Absolutes.  

Please observe 2nd chart Ranking ROI Inverted   

Here to for never part of Portfolio or Fund Management  

Martin D'Amico can predict Performance Cash Weekly why not abandon monthly closings? Especially when he can rescue the accounting profession from the derogatory remarks made by Fortune April 16, 2001.  "accounting gives rotten information about the value  & performance of modern, knowledge-intensive companies."


The Profession ties to tradition with provencial reporting concepts & mechanics have caused software houses to usurp the power of business numbers from Accountants.

Per the back cover of my book 2003 



Chart 1

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2nd Lottery Sample as Posted day 2 for 13 Days   

Chart 2

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    Lottery Borrowing 13 week Grid for 13 days of 2nd Lottery Sample 

Introducing The Universal Grid for Any Buiness in the World . Technology B & its Probability Quotient that can be used World Wide. Where-by totals fulfill the role of Quarterly Operations for every Facility for a Public Company as well.  

Chart 3

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Chart 4

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Chart 5

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 MERGER Grid 4


Chart 6

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The World Wide Grid in any Currency as Franchised ro CPA Firms Grid 5    


Chart 7

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   The  First  Reconciliation DJIA to All Its Outstanding Shares 

Managing the DIA ETF  a self fulfilling prophecy for unlimited growth from the most recent changes to the closing trading value of 30 Corporations on the New York Stock Exchange each day. When the ever changing 30 daily MIX of trading values up or down of EACH equates to a decline to the WHOLE($3,608.12) in TOTAL of all 30 times the same quantity of each from the previous day the of EQUAL UNIT/SHARES IN BILLIONS will be DECLINED. When such a decline to the WHOLE occurs the NEW Unit/Shares closing prices of that day subsequently takes on the COST for each for the days that follow for each Corporation. (ETC.ETC.) 

  In accounting for UNIT/SHARES I hit the jackpot & found management's exact calculation $ false  fixing of  mix for each stock.

More important the SEC & management  must come to terms with cloud assets in trillion $20 vs. All Outstanding Shares at $7 trillion. 


Chart 8

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The Saving Grace

a Lottery to care for Victims of National Disasters 

My Plan is to get a Lottery going with a format of the grid for the SEC as a means to start paying down the National Debt. 

My Lottery Prediction for the DJIA is substantiated by a Daily Recap and Earned verses Paid Hours in the Universal Grid of the Patent. “The DJIA Index is nothing more than recording Stock Prices for 30 very actively traded Corporations at the end of a Trading Day on the NYSE. The 30 Corporations have been chosen for their successful operating growth of the past being expected in the future while up and down variations to their stock prices have nothing to do with the Index a whole.” As demonstrated with charts 1 & 2 (attached) at a new web address www.killingthe  

 The lottery will be to Predict the Exact DJIA Index Gross Amount before dividing by 100 that produces the Price per Share during a 13-day trading cycle that is currently averaging about $125.00 for each & $3800 in total. The individual changes in the closing price each day among the 30 have nothing to do with each other with most changing up or down each day. 


 The Actual Lottery Prediction detail of the DJIA Index is via an Excel Worksheet that will generate Cash Income from participants during each 13-day cycle as Grid Patented for the benefit of its contestants to make an educated guess: Tuesday through Friday (13 cell days later).  For ANY PREDICTION during each cycle a contestant only needs to donate $10 per Prediction to the Weather-Related Charity. Participants can enter as many $10 PREDICTIONS ($70 gets 7) as desired any day during each cycle. The SOONER   any Prediction wins each cycle’s Lottery in each 13 DAY cycle the more such winners will win as a percent of the whole reward amount donated each day. All prediction donations for the year will be a tax deductible to Weather-Related Charity. 

Chart 9

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Chart 10

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