For $49.50 you get TWO DOWNLOADS

The First is for Inserting your holdings to replace 30 Stocks with 100 Shares of present ownership  

The 2nd Download is the means that you have already examined at no cost taking the AB$% far beyond 100% 

For $49.50 per Quarter you also will get charts  1& 2 below

UP- DATED EVERY Tuesday thru Friday Morning by  9:30 AM & THE CLOSE on Saturday 


AS COMPARED to the Same Charts for the NYSE Closing of the Prior Week End that Immediately Follow  

 Once you sign on to this Tab at $49.50 per Quarter it will expose the Ranking of DJIA Changes for the closings Tuesday to Friday Mornings for the balance of the current Calendar Quarter. Such a chart will allow a Subscriber to withhold Trading low variances one way or another & consider others where he or she is in for the long run-specially good for Margin Accounts.


If you have not paid the $49.50 for the current Quarter and wish to subscribe during the 2nd or 3rd month of the current Calendar Quarter the  charge is only $25 & $49.50 per Quarter there after. 



Below is the Start Up  of the AB$% for your  Exact Quantity Holdings &  Subsequent Trades that I refresh each Saturday Morning with my Data including Friday Stock Prices that only needs new Quantities if applicable 


With the ability to Absolute other than Dow Stocks you may own or want to own as with the next chart's methodology as Patented 

This Chart Below is meant to be for 90% of World Wide Businesses for your "what ever amounts" for 1000's of Dollars to absorb your facts for 3 or four weeks to set up in your  calendar quarters fixed at 13000 hours for your weekly Actual Paid Hours #2 above.  


It will not take long for this particular future truth to come forth. Several weeks of actual Earned Hours will be those for the 1st quarter of use as back filled for earier weeks in this particular Grid for virtually every Business that gives it a whirl. 


By Sending for it by an E-Mail Request 


The Chart Below is meant to be the Start of extending the AB$% Data Source per Yahoo 

to Include the Grid Below Quarter to Date with the analysis thru the SEC Submisssion via a Corporations co-operation 

The Chart Below VIA IT GRID BELOW is meant to be the Source Data for Each Equity AB$% Listing with an Option for Each Corporation to Maintain Weekly in Support of SEC Submissions