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Inve$tor Tran$parency





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Seeing is Believing when a Stock Goes Down 

It is the Absolution of the Absolute Percent



The Merger Plan as Also a Goal

with  3 ($98.91 = $296.73) TWX Shares to 1 ($34.35) ATT = $331.O8/4  $82.77 )that could 

Realitically be the Case during its 1st Quarter 

After the Deal is closed 

With Benchmarks 1,2 & 3 & its Trading Value

To Sidetrack Apple from its Entrapment in an ETF  at  6%  an Investor must look to  the D 30 Curve Model the Economic Indicator where it is at 21% below. Every Bank could be the Source in Increments of $31 million also in the chart below.  



  Cash Flow is a most frequent term from  Financial & Accounting Professionals. But ask any user of the words & no one will reply with the same answer for its calculation. Because it is not a calculation when 1st entering a buisness. (aside from debt service) Providing that each check & deposit is correct the checkbook amounts each day can not be changed only the accounting reflection of cash  as eventually used.

   The chart below is the means to report a  most random amount daily + weekly before various systems & a bookeeper reflects its use. The chart download is a must to exactly  know how your Business is to be financed. There after, begin to fill in the other weekly cells for corresponding dates of the Universal Grid as Patented. 


After a while Cash Flow charting will come to life & you will wonder how you ever managed your buiness without its quarterly Grid  

With a Stock Price for Shareholder ROI

Within the GRID 

Transparency of Benchmark #3 as Patented is Very Alive & Kicking with ALL its Business Inconsistencies

Sales, Unit Pricing, Hours Paid,  Payroll Efficiency