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Seeing is Believing when a Stock Goes Down 

It is the Absolution of the Absolute Percent


     The total DJIA (20,000 plus) is an oxymoron (a contradiction in terms) buy low & sell high. Going up is good for media hype. But there is no way to tell an investor when to come aboard. Among the 30 a portion goes up daily & another portion goes down daily. Which stock doe some invests to take advantage of a rise? Worse yet. When all are go down together, as now to extreme, the media gets 100 theories but no specifics from the experts.  When Stocks go down. Do nothing & watch the AB$%® (Absolute Percent) and the ROI of the Corporation and your Portfolio go up as follows.   


 It is hard to believe that Stock Quantities, escaped 100 years of numerical quantity impact within financial markets when super markets are required to state the price per pound & oz for comparison purposes to like products. Chart #3 below shows how Price per Share with high ROI is the path as exposed by the Absolute Percent as the most dominant factor for advantageous investment results.  In fact it is even easier than that. The ROI of a Portfolio goes up with any purchase of a higher ROI than that of the Fund or Portfolio .    


   The chart below is there to stay because it represents a Wall Street concoction that tracks the worldwide financial industry for which it has no right to bare such responsibity .


   The daily right detail of the chart reports the 10 highest holdings (when combined over 50% most of the time) of DIA ETF SPDR, better known with a one-day lag  for the outstanding shares of the DJIA Index that has  World Wide transparency with no limitation as to how high the value can grow. I report the lagged share/units at the current day's closing price of each Dow (currently $20 trillion +)  by taking such share/units outstanding from the DIA website; times the current closing price of the Index Itself. Yes equaling plus $20 trillion (on a cloud) when all 79 billion outstanding reporrted elsewhere on this website total in the $7 trillion range. 


In summary for the data on the right exclusive of the 1st column only, the chart reports an Absolute Percent (AB$%) below 5% because only 2 of the 10 components are among the best 10 as ranked by the AB$% elsewhere on the website. As also calcualted  by a high price per share combined with a low Benchmark #3 as Patented.

    At the same time in the 1st column  using the same above mythology & the Patent for the 10 best AB$%® Dow Stocks Ranked (only 2 stocks are among the 10 highest DIA holdings) the calculated Absolute Percent is far beyond that of the DIA ETF due to the Patent’s higher Benchmark #3 and ROI accentuated by Shares per $1000.  


All collaborated by the respective AB$% for each of the 10 DIA ETF in the extreme right.


Frankly I offer no advice for the aggrandisement of the the DIA ETF Index with no end in sight. Perhaps a converion to Bonds with retribution  by Management by its circular reasoning with quoting the cost at 3% less (.532/18.424) for $19.956 trillion of overall value in the last annual report.


Market Advice, High Technology Stocks with  Transparent Speed are Rising on a Cloud while Arithmetic Technology Stocks are Appreciating  in Real Time for Direct Shareholders.       



In case you doubt the Absolution of the AB$%

I have Imposed by Try & Error a Split Rate to one decimal point on Prices of recent 30 DOW Stocks 

 As a multiple of the the day's Actual AB$% to Equal 100% for Each

At the same time it proves shares per $1000 for Each  

AND ROI Inverted 

As Reconciled with All Outstanding Shares 


The Exonomic Indiciator 

Both Badly in need of Stocks Splits 

as  Weighted by Growth wihtout Splits 

Considering How the 30 Have Grown Since Election 

AND Not How Much the Market is peering into the future without a clue

Without a clue is the daily hype of DJIA as an Economic Indicator and as a Portfolio Investment as a whole without the AB$%® ranking. The DJIA is peering into the future without a clue that all stocks except Intel & Verizon as charted have the lowest split rate. They two are also 1 & 3 as ranked by the Absolute Percent around 50% with prices also around $50 Per share.  All from the Absolution of the Absolute Percent as charted for my Try & Error Splits Rates to get all Absolutes to 100% for the SEC.  Please realize that I, my patents & the AB$% know more about reporting stock prices than ever mentioned by the media or financial experts. That is only the case until you Mr. President completely read this e-mail and pass it on to the SEC for their use and its Revenue.  

The Zenith of the DJIA Destruction Above & Below  

A World Wide Any Currency Grid as a 1st User Chare with 13 weeks of detail for 

Sale $$$, an Invoice Count, Your Paid Hours &  Cash In & Out Changes  


   In Suumary 


   I have statistically reduced $23 trillion (DIA) on a cloud to $7 trillion (DJIA) owned by Shareholders to $30 million invested @ $65.99 a Share in a Portfolio with a Benchmark of $57.56 as Patented with ROI of 8.9% for Investors with an Absolute Percent of 64.8% as Trademarked AB$%® & comparable in height to every other basket of Public Stocks in the World on 2/15/18. (#8,219,479 & 8,626,633)


   Simultaneously for audit purposes a Corporation could accumulate weekly Paid Hours within a 13-week moving average Grid as Patented where-by Apple with a Cap Value of $887 billion could report the Patented $282.78 Benchmark as owned by Shareholders @ $172.99 a Share with OiBiTDA ROI of 7.4% that has a 12.1% AB$%® comparable in height to every other Public Equity in the World on 2/15/18.


   All of which I wish to put in the hands of the US Government to order to verify the daily arithmetic as an Economic Indicator for 30 consistent Corporations. Not for an Investment as a whole as weighted by stocks that should split.